Inscribe and Alpha Systems

Inscribe partners with Alpha Systems to provide software support and services to apparel industry customers. A pioneer in this domain, Alpha Systems has developed an effective ERP system called TPCS for the apparel industry.

- ERP is a suite of programs, modular in design, which provides value-added, cost-effective solutions combined with user-friendliness and appropriate technology. This provides, at an affordable price, an essential productivity tool needed for enterprises of any size. The modules incorporate the features of Material Requirement Planning (MRP),are readily customized for immediate deployment.

Alpha Systems not only provides solutions for its clients, but also works closely with them to ensure that the most rapid implementation and start-up in the plant maximizes payback and meets business goals. This ERP solution has been commended and adopted by fashion industry stakeholders in the tannery, footwear, goods, garment and apparel segments.

is a cloud based online collaboration tool from Alpha Systems, which features Style Library, Chat and Communication, File Sharing, Schedules and Action, Tracking and Invoices among many others. JenixCloud can be used along with any ERP tool or any other software in place. JenixCloud can be useful in Planning Scheduling Tracking Delivery Invoice. Alpha Systems’ solutions can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

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